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Welcome to Safe Kids Online, a project by The Heritage Foundation aimed at helping parents keep their children safe online.

At Safe Kids Online, we recognize the monumental responsibility parents have in protecting their children in the digital age. We’re here to help parents navigate this landscape with confidence. 

Our goal is to equip parents with practical, research-backed advice on navigating the digital world. 

Our team of experts has decades of combined experience in online safety, and they stay current on the latest trends and techniques. We are focused on translating complex issues into clear guidance tailored for busy parents.

On our site, you’ll find tips on setting healthy limits around screen time, choosing age-appropriate games and apps, managing social media use, and more. We dig into the nuances around cyberbullying, privacy, and predatory behavior online. We’re committed to regularly updating our advice based on new research and technologies.

The digital landscape changes quickly. 

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