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How to Protect Kids Playing Video Games

kid holding video game controller

What Risks Does Online Gaming Pose to My Child? Online gaming is popular among kids and teenagers, but there are many risks associated with various games and gaming platforms. While the privacy settings of a console or game may offer some shield, playing games online may jeopardize the child’s privacy. Sharing personal details for an […]

Quick Parent’s Guide to Screen Time for Kids

girl in bed looking at phone at night

What Is Screen Time? Screen Time refers to the amount of time individuals, including children, spend interacting with digital screens, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions. It is essential for parents to carefully manage and balance their children’s screen time to prevent potential negative effects, including reduced physical activity, sleep disturbances, and social isolation. […]

How to Protect Kids’ Mental Health Online

a father giving advice and comforting his distressed teen son

Why Your Child’s Mental Health Online Matters It is important to address the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of children in their digital interactions and activities. It involves understanding and addressing the potential impact of online experiences, including social media use, digital content consumption, and interactions with peers and strangers. Parents and caregivers play a […]

How to Protect Your Child From Online Grooming

a groomer reading his phone in the dark

What is Grooming? Grooming refers to the manipulative behavior used by individuals, often adults, to build trust and establish emotional connections with children online. The goal of grooming is to exploit children for sexual or other harmful purposes. Groomers will establish a false sense of friendship or care to gain the child’s trust and make […]

How to Protect Your Child’s Data Privacy

father teaching his daughter and son about shopping online safely

What Is Data Privacy? Data privacy refers to the protection of personal information and data from others accessing, using, or sharing it with your permission. It includes the rights of individuals to control how their data is collected, processed, and shared by organizations or online platforms. In the context of kids’ online safety, data privacy […]

How to Spot and Address Cyberbullying

girl looking at phone getting bullied and students in background laughing and pointing at her

What Is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is a form of harassment or bullying that occurs online, typically through social media, messaging apps, or other digital platforms. It involves the use of electronic communication to intimidate, humiliate, or target individuals, often repeatedly and anonymously. Cyberbullying poses significant risks to children’s mental and emotional well-being and can lead to […]