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How to Protect Your Kids on Find My Friends

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The Heritage Foundation gives Find My Friends a safety rating of B.

Safety Rating Explanation: Despite having some risk, the app has better safety features than most if used properly.

What Is Find My Friends?

Find My Friends is a feature on Apple devices that enables users to track the real-time locations of their friends or family members on a map. Its main utility is that it allows individuals to ascertain the well-being and whereabouts of their contacts. Through the app, users can share their own location and gain visibility into the locations of those they’ve connected with.

How to Connect with People on Find My Friends

Users establish connections on Find My Friends by sending location-sharing requests, usually with contacts on their Apple devices. Once an invitation is sent, the recipient can choose to accept or decline the request. When the connection has been accepted, both parties can view each other’s location in real time on a map.

Can Find My Friends Be Used Safely?

Yes, it can be. While there exists at least some risk of child predators getting a hold of your child’s location data, the permission-based system of Find My Friends means that responsible usage of the app is possible. Connecting with trusted users like family members and close friends poses minimal risk. However, sharing location data with people who have not been deemed trustworthy could give bad actors a window into the details of a user’s personal life.

How to Handle Find My Friends

Parents should monitor their children’s usage of the app closely, ensuring that they do not voluntarily connect with strangers or untrustworthy acquaintances. Emphasizing the need for discretion in sending and accepting friend requests is essential for guarding against the main risk of Find My Friends.

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